Daf Yomi

Genetically-Engineered Simanim ‘A Bird With One Siman’ (Chullin 62a)

Can You Return A Stolen Object Anonymously?

I'm ashamed to admit," Dov said when he finally found himself before the rabbi, "but I stole money from someone and would now like to return the amount without having to face him. Is that possible?"

Daf Yomi

Eternal And Immutable ‘Only Those Enumerated By The Sages’ (Chullin 54a)

‘But It’s My Shovel!’

"But I need it now," Mr. Schwartz replied. "It's my shovel. I'm happy to lend it, but not when I need it!"

Is It Proper…? – How Does One Define These Terms “not Shabbosdig” or “not...

Many people say that a particular behavior is “not Shabbosdig” or “not ehrlich” or “pas nisht.” How does one define these (and similar) terms? Are they purely subjective in nature? Or is there some sort of objective definition?

Daf Yomi

A Halachic Referral ‘It [the Lung] Erupted in Blisters’ (Chullin 48a)

Is A Son Bound By His Father’s Agreement?

"That's all?" asked Chaim. "A car service to the airport costs about $60. The cheapest a person can get is $40."

Sheitels: Forbidden, Allowed, Or Preferred?

There is no denying that preferring sheitels is incongruous with the fact that frum Jews nowadays are much more likely to avoid leniencies and workarounds than they once were.

A Revolution For Jewish Women: Technology Meets Halacha

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs of Kfar Chabad in Israel believes the Jewish world is experiencing a “family purity revolution.” He should know. Since 1998, Rabbi...

Are Shabbat Elevators Really Kosher?

How can a Jew in a hotel, or someone visiting a patient in a hospital, know if the Shabbat elevator is kosher?

Is It Proper…? – Leaving Aside Any Halachic Considerations That May Be Involved, Is...

This week we asked: Leaving aside any halachic considerations that may be involved, is it a Jewish value to have a large family?

Daf Yomi

Incubator Chicks 'These Are The Living Things You May Eat' (Chullin 42a)

What Is Judaism’s Attitude Toward Cremation?

Halachic authorities immediately spoke out against cremation when cremation facilities were first opened across Europe in the late 19th century. Indeed, they even opposed interning the ashes of a cremated body.

Can One Study The Torah Of Disgraced Rabbis?

Even if we assume a rabbi has truly repented, should he necessarily be reinstated to his prior position?

Daf Yomi

A Gentile’s ‘Kashrus Certificate’ ‘We Do Not Give Innards to a Gentile’ (Chullin 33a)

The Stolen Basketball: Who’s Responsible?

Yitzi, when entrusting his ball with Eli, took a known risk upon himself. Therefore, Eli is not liable...

Daf Yomi

The Siren’s Wail ‘If a Festival Falls on Erev Shabbos…’ (Chullin 26)

Ruling by Mail

"How do we resolve the apparent contradiction between these two rulings?" asked Mr. Schwartz.

Is It Proper…? – Should A G-d-Fearing Jew Have The Internet At Home?

This week we asked: Should a G-d-fearing Jew have the Internet at home?

Daf Yomi

Meat From Heaven? 'Only Young Ones Are Acceptable…' (Chulin 22a-b)

Dividing Wall

"If we share the wall, that means half is mine and half is yours," said Mr. Hauser. "At most, you can prop the beams on your half of the wall, but not on my half!"

Daf Yomi

Aiding Or Abetting? 'Due To Suspicion, We Check' (Chullin 12a, Rashi)

Sleeping In Someone’s Room Without Permission

Chaim had no right to let you use my room. If you continue sleeping in it, you'll have to pay me $50 a night, like a hotel.

Is It Proper…? – Is It Appropriate To Eat Kosher Imitation Bacon, Crab, Or...

Is it appropriate to eat kosher imitation bacon, crab, or any other such food?

Daf Yomi

A 'Heated' Discussion 'The Place of Shechita Is Hot' (Chulin 8b)


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