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In life we find ourselves many times looking ahead to what will be in the future; will I receive a certain job, a specific home, a vacation that I was waiting for. And there are many times when we don’t know what to expect in our near and far futures, and all the actions that we take seem to go unsuccessfully.

As we started to read the book of Genesis, we meet our forefathers and mothers. We all come from Avraham and Sara. And yet it’s our job to find in our daily lives today our connection with our ancestors. The home I live in is in Jerusalem and it’s a rental. My lease is coming to an end. And for various reasons my landlord will not be renewing my lease. I live in a wonderful section of Jerusalem and am a very active part of my community, therefore I am looking to stay in the same vicinity. I have been looking for quite some time with no results. As we started to follow the footsteps of Avraham Avinu a few weeks ago, I suddenly felt as if Hashem was speaking with me as well. Just as He did with our father Avraham.


When we read about Avraham having to leave Or Kasdim, where he had worked so hard to make a good name for himself and reached out to so many people and brought them to believe in Hashem. Avraham also converted many people and was at a very high point in his life. And then G-d told him to leave it all and go to a place that Hashem will show him. I too found myself thinking how I had made such a great place for myself and helped so many people in the community come close to Hashem including many converts that crossed my path as well. And now Hashem is telling me to go from this beautiful home to a place that He will show me. It sounds great except for the fact that I am not Avraham Avinu, and I don’t hear Hashem as clearly as did Avraham.

Yes, I’m His daughter and he led the way for all His offspring till this very day. However, I simply didn’t know exactly what to do. So, I cried to Hashem for clarity and direction. I wrote a note and put it into one of the holy books I have in my home from my Chabad collection. I asked for guidance and clarity, and to not give up despite the great challenges that I feel.

As I placed the note in the book it opened to a page that read as follows: Referring to Hashem, “I have helped you through so many hard times in your life and I never left your side. Now that you are experiencing a troubling time which is much smaller than things you went through in the past, now you are losing your faith in Me the Almighty? Don’t you know that Hashem can do anything in a split second. Keep staying Happy and doing all the good you’re doing in the community and Hashem will help you.”

There was another letter on that page which said as follows: “That if we concentrate and think a lot about Hashem’s home, we can bring His home down to us here on Earth, and if Hashem has a home so will you.” And the final letter on the other side of the book spoke about peace and that G-d’s best vessel for a blessing is to be at peace with all. I felt blown away. I was able to hear the message that Hashem wanted to give me, which is to be strong, and keep believing. He is always here and will surely help me. And to concentrate on bringing Hashem’s house down with yours as well and always be at peace with all that surrounds you. After all nobody can hurt you or harm you unless Hashem gives permission. It’s not my landlord who won’t renew my lease, but Hashem that wishes that I move into an even better place.

I was so encouraged by these words that I decided to show my faith in Hashem and my true belief that He will save me this time as well. I gathered all my close friends and family over this past Shabbat and threw a house-warming party and thanked Hashem for the future home He will absolutely give me. I brought the future closer to me.

We are not fortune-tellers, nor do we hear the voice of Hashem as did our holy forefathers and mothers. But we can surely get strength and follow in their footsteps and be assured that Hashem will always be there for us just as He always was for our ancestors.


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