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Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner and the big question is, are we prepared properly for this big day?

Every year this question comes about. The change that has taken place this year and last year are the changes that the Coronavirus is having on us, especially here in Israel.


Talk, once again, of closing down the country for the high holidays, is back in the news and a real concern to us all. How will we celebrate this special time Hashem has given us if we will all be closed up in our homes?

Any decision that concerns whatever happens until this coming Rosh Hashanah, was decided upon already last year during the great Day of Judgment. And decisions that need to be made for this coming year, have not been made yet, since we haven’t yet reached Rosh Hashanah.

We are currently in the month of Elul in which it is stated that, “the King is in the field.” Hashem our merciful Father, has come down, so to speak, to his children and his disciples to hear their pleas and grant their wishes.

In past years before we had this terrible virus controlling our lives, we may not have necessarily felt the need to seek out our ‘King in the field,’ since we seemed to have control over our lives.

Here in Israel Corona has taken over the better half of our decision making and at every given moment the government can and has been making choices for the entire country, as a whole, making our personal choices very dependent on theirs.

Just entering the country is filled with so many challenges one would never have imagined just a few years ago.

Closing down an entire country, shops, work places and schools is a very big challenge. Especially since it happens to fall out each time in the beautiful and special month of Jewish holidays.

Who do we believe is pulling the strings? This government? High officials? Or some other important group that claims to be in charge of crucial decisions made in this country?

We, the Jewish nation, must believe that nothing happens without a reason and more so, that no one is really making any decisions or changes except for Hashem our Master.

The Jews are a light unto all other nations, and this country is the center of the world. So, if we believe that everything starts and finishes right here in Israel with the nation of Israel, then we might start thinking differently about everything that is going on right under our noses.

The redemption of our nation is so close. This strange virus that has made so many changes within us, since it has arrived here on Earth, is basically Hashem trying to help us change in many different ways before the time of the redemption will come.

I’ve mentioned this point so many times in the past. The generation we are living through is a hard one, since we have so much physical ability to do almost anything we would like. When there is lack of physical necessities then we become more spiritual. We fast on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, so that we may resemble the angels and that we may find favor in our Master’s eyes. And this can only be done in the absence of physical necessities.

When we are closed up in our houses, we have more time to contemplate and think of spiritual matters. Hashem is so merciful and wants only the best for His children. G-d wants to wake us up to repent and to come closer to Him; and ultimately bring the third Temple back to His Nation to be able to worship Hashem properly.

Sometimes we are so busy with our daily schedules that we forget the real purpose of life. Hashem our King that is walking amongst us this month, is listening to our words and requests very carefully.

All the talk surrounding the potential shut down, is Hashem pressing up closer to us to beg and talk to Him about bringing the redemption faster and with true compassion.

During the few weeks left until the Day of Judgment, we should all be concerned with pleading to Hashem to save us and bring the full redemption, whether we will be shut down or not. That fact is just to push us to pray and connect to our Master from a deeper and more meaningful place.

May we utilize these days to the maximum, with the abilities within us and pray and beg our Father to have true mercy upon His nation, and bring our salvation, so that we will all be redeemed this year, and be able to worship Hashem in His home in the heart of the World, in Jerusalem Please G-d. Amen.


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