Stitches In Time

It was the night of Motzei Shabbos before Rosh Hashana, and my husband and I were invited to a pidyon haben in Lawrence at...

A Humorous Simchas Torah Puzzle

Our daughter and son-in-law looked at each other for a second and then burst out laughing. They knew!

The Missing Mezuzos

In Eretz Yisrael, it is customary not to remain in a house without a mezuzah for even one day. This placed the rav in a quandary. What were they to do?

Maybe Next Yom Kippur

Truth be told, my kavanah was often better in the privacy of my home.

The Call Of The Shofar, Interrupted

The Hatzalah volunteers administered oxygen and got the family to the hospital. B’ezrat Hashem they will all be O.K.”

Hakoras Hatov

I endured a personal trial as I struggled to become a mother. In a community where just about every event is geared toward families, I felt the pain of not fitting in.

Planting Seeds

I never questioned why he insisted that we had to meet Naomi, and immediately acceded to his request. Yet when he had suggested that I write to the Lubavitcher Rebbe to ask for a bracha for children, I feared a negative response and refused.

The Only Black Skirt

Off my friend and I went to search for the skirt. After trying the regular racks, we decided to search the clearance rack, which was completely disorganized.

School of Hard Knocks

My son-in-law's parents live close by, so that was their first stop. But over a half-hour spent knocking with all their might yielded nothing but aching knuckles.

A Perfect Wedding Match

Rav Lieberman called the simcha hall to cancel their booking, but it wasn’t so simple to find another date at a suitable venue.

Ariel And Hatzolah

The tremendous blessing of Hatzolah became even more clear when the paramedic rescue services showed up at the house forty-five minutes after Hatzolah had already left!

Ultimate Experience

Finding appropriate company for Shabbos was a challenge of its own. No longer a youngster, my mother did not enjoy coming to our homes and she did not appreciate large families with many children coming to hers.

Long-Awaited Shidduchim

As the news spread, more and more people joined the family in fervent prayer. The gates of heaven received all of the prayers for David, and he eventually came out of the coma.

Soul To Soul

During this period of time, Shai often drove to Lubavitch Headquarters in London to hear the Rebbe’s sichot. He was hooked.

Cutting-Edge Clarity

What disappointment! How he longed for the semi-comfort of being in his childhood surroundings. If he could not have his parents back, at least he could be in familiar territory.

A Window Of Opportunity

Sophie eagerly anticipated her meanderings through the ancient streets of the Old City of Jerusalem where her ancestors had walked thousands of years ago.

Overflowing Blessings

To have arrived at the momentous occasion, therefore, the zchut of participating in this simcha – the tears flowed freely, as my husband benched our dear granddaughter at the kabolat ponim.

A Harrowing Ride To The Country

Along the way I started to feel literally drugged. It was different than feeling tired because my thinking process felt different. I wasn’t aware of this at first.

A Kosher Pair Of Tefillin

It made a profound impression on my husband and he decided he was going to call up some of his relatives and maybe even long lost friends whom he’d barely spoken to in years – not for any particular reason but because they’d just lost touch.

Early Arrival

I calculated on my fingers. She was now up to week 27. Yehuda hung up, but he sounded very upset. I wished I could help, but I had no idea what to do. So, I turned to my Tehillim.

Letters To The Lubavitcher Rebbe

I ask for her name and where she is from. She tells me her name is Orit and that she comes from Israel.

Chesed In The Tanks

Our son understood that Aviv, up until this point in his life, had failed in everything. The army was his last chance to succeed.

“Abba, I Am Your Daughter!”

Peeling paint and mismatched chairs were not the only signs of deprivation in the Cohen’s Yerushalmi home.

A Merit In This World And The Next

Last night, my late uncle appeared to my sister in a dream and said that the reason our father is ill is because he didn’t sit shiva for my uncle.

Misplaced Wallets

Hearing the argument, Reb Chaim jumped out of his seat and ran to the front of the bus. He withdrew some cash from his pocket, gave it to the driver on behalf of the anonymous fellow, and then returned to his seat.


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