Photo Credit: Jewish Press

“The lesson is amazing,” he said. “Only when a person decides to stop and make a U-turn in his life, only when this man stopped being stubborn and agreed to do something he so much didn’t believe in, only when he agreed to make peace with the Creator of the world, then – and only then – he merited to discover that his beloved son was still alive, and his life changed completely.”

Rav Margalit said that many of us could become happy, contented people if we would only consider additional options in our lives, if we were willing to make a U-turn, such as letting go of something negative, or forgiving someone, or saying to someone, regardless of the facts, “I’m sorry.”


A change in our attitude and behavior, in our undesirable traits and in our stubbornness, will bring blessing, health, happiness, and peace.

This concept of a U-turn, he added, has enabled him to deal with extraordinarily difficult challenges and has improved and elevated the lives of many thousands of people throughout the world. So let’s take his words to heart and make amazing u-turns in our lives, thereby meriting great blessing and joy, together with all Am Yisrael.


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Naomi Brudner, M.A., lives in Yerushalayim where she writes, counsels and practices Guided Imagery for health, including for stroke patients.