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Sivan Rahav Meir

This week marks 210 years since the passing of Rebbe Nachman of Breslav. It is possible to learn so much from him that is pertinent to today – not only about happiness, simplicity, renewal, and mutual responsibility, but also how to overcome remorse for the past and
fear of the future.

One of Rebbe Nachman’s main ideas is to focus on the present – both in material matters such as making a living and in spiritual matters. Not to be too caught up with the past or the future, but to confront the present and to do something about what is happening
right now:


“The most important time of life is the present moment since the past is gone and, as for the future — who knows what it will bring? All we really have is this moment. The main thing is to live in the here and now and to find the true good that exists in each and every passing moment.”

Our perspective on time is a burden, and Rebbe Nachman suggests that we change it. Not to lug around on our backs everything that happened in the past and everything that could happen in the future. But rather to concentrate solely on what is in front of our eyes, and to understand that it is possible to start fresh at any moment.

He writes that if we will be completely present in this particular moment in time, without obsessing over a thousand little troubles, worries, and distractions, it will be a lot easier for us and will allow us to focus on the good in every single moment. So when do we begin? Now.

(translation by Yehoshua Siskin)


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