Photo Credit: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis
Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

A great rebbe said that one must never to tell a person in need “just trust G-d” and then simply dismiss him. If anything, we should do whatever we can to help a person in trouble and trust that G-d will help us in return.

Don’t be pious (i.e. don’t say “trust in G-d” and leave it at that) with someone else’s needs. He is your brother. He is standing in front of you crying out for help. Give him your hand and sustain him. If you do that, you can trust that G-d will help you.


That is exactly what happened in Egypt when one Jew cried out “I can no longer go on, I have no strength,” and another Jew who was equally hurting (if not more so) reached out to him and assured him that “things would be all right; I’ll help you and you’ll help me and with Hashem’s help we will make it.”

G-d heard this and said, “Gam Ani – I also heard that.”

When a parent sees his or her children reaching out to one another with loving and helping hands, that parent is filled with joy and joins together with his or her sons and daughters. How much more so is that the case with our Heavenly Father!


To be continued



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