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Giving her the bag, he took more bread and departed. The frightened girl took the bag inside and opened it. She saw that it was filled with various skins and furs. Taking the skins out she was shocked to find bank notes valued at thousands of dollars and many rare gems and diamonds.

She rushed to her parents and shouted: “We are saved! We are rich again. G-d has just sent us a fortune!”


The parents were overjoyed to see the contents of the bag and they blessed G-d for sending them this messenger of good fortune. The father immediately wrote to Yehuda, telling him the story and urging him to come from the yeshiva for now he would be able to fulfill his pledge.

The wedding was held the following week, and all the leaders of Israel were present. They blessed the young couple and they gave thanks to G-d for the miracle. Thus, a strange soldier was responsible for the wedding of the Maharal of Prague and his wife Pearl.