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Buzz Aldrin in Jerusalem

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin spoke today about Mars, DMO – Distant (Lunar) Retrograde Orbits, his life and his new children’s book during his visit to Jerusalem for the International Astronautical Congress, hosted by ISA.

Among his anecdotes, Aldrin, with his dry, rambling sense of humor, let the audience know that while Neil Armstrong was the first person to step on the moon – because he was closest to the door, Aldrin had the honor of being the first person to step off the moon.


Aldrin sees Mars colonization as part of the future of mankind, and the best way to spend the massive amount of money getting to Mars is as a one-way trip.

SpaceIL was also at the convention with a mock-up of their spaceship which will hopefully also soon be landing on the moon.

SpaceIL Lunar Lander

Have Spacesuit, Will Travel

Spacesuit at the International Astronautical Congress


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