Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon / GPO / Flash 90
Does this look like a scene where Israeli police might have shot "two Palestinian civilians," as CNN claimed?


  1. More beautiful Jewish lives destroyed due to the negligence of our government in failing to quell the continuing shameful Terrorist Arab Muslim infestation. If a rat bites and harms your baby, it is not enough to just kill the rat. You need to replace the criminally negligent exterminator whose responsibility it was to do everything possible that this will not happen! We must also levy sanctions against the inept exterminator responsible for allowing the infestation to go unchecked. We need to make it crystal clear to our government leaders that we do NOT tolerate infestations like this to exist! Terrorists do not exist in a vacuum. They need incentive to grow. Terrorism is encouraged in an atmosphere where evil people are not deterred from harming others. A decent exterminator is not only responsible to eradicate the infestation when it becomes unbearable – but more importantly – to block the infestation before it grows. Bibi – Do your job or QUIT!

  2. May the injured be gifted with R’fuah sh’lemah

    May the families of the dead Perushim be gifted with shalom

    May the murdered Perushim be gifted in Sefer Chaiyim.

    May the families of the dead savages be gifted with IDF Bulldozers.

    May HaShem grant His Rachamim to His suffering people.

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