Photo Credit: Yishai Fleisher

Philanthropist Dr. Irving Moskowitz was laid to rest today on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Photos by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90




  1. Dr. Moskowitz was really the 'one and only' when it came to supporting the settlement of Jews in greater Jerusalem, and in ALL of Israel.
    It cost me my store, which I had in the ( Muslem) Kotel quarter of the Old City, when he baught the property and began digging through the floor of my store,the excavations continue till this very day, with amazing finds. When he became old, his wife and partner, Cherna, continued his holy work. Sweet Dr. Irving, it was an honor being forced out of my store by you. I was non profit- selling Love Of Hashem and singing and composing for 11 years, on Hagai Street, so close to the western wall. After purchasing the property, I was STILL allowed to be in the store for 7 more years, by the moskowitz family.
    Irving Z"l it seems impossible to find a replacement for you, but with you now UP THERE, the Rebono Shell Olam, will be convinced by you to send a replacement. I predict he'll be called, "Mosheach Tzidkehnu. Hamokome Yinachem Etchem!………. Dov Shurin

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