Photo Credit: David Ha’ivri, Ari Soffer, Ben Packer and Mike Cohen

Should something be done to stop the Jewish Lobby in America? Is a brave American presidents needed to restrict their operations? These outrageous demands have been revealed in correspondence by the heir to British monarchy, Prince Charles. Had such statements been made by high-profile members of President Trump’s team they surely would have not gone un-noticed by leaders of the American Jewish community and the media. On Today Show we will be speaking with Shilo resident Ari Soffer, who made aliya from the UK and hopefully can share some insight on this issue.

Does size matter? What would you say if the entire Bible was printed on a chip that could be embedded in a pin or a piece of jewelry? Something that you could wear or give as a gift to your loved ones she carry with them wherever they go? On today’s show David Ha’ivri will be speaking with Dr. Mike Cohen of the Nano Bible Association who have done just this. By utilizing modern technology they have printed the entire Bible on a chip the size of a SIM card. Mike Cohen is now traveling around the world meeting with leaders and educators and students and sharing the Wonders of the huge Bible heritage through this tiny Hi-Tech peace. Check out their website at


What could be better then providing tours to the Heartland of Israel for young people from the Jewish diaspora. Many educators and Jewish leaders are convinced that the Birthright program providing a hands-on experience for young Jews from the diaspora in the land of Israel is a life changing experience. Recent Haaretz newspaper feature exposure has highlighted the work of Rabbi Ben Packer of the Jerusalem Heritage House who runs Heartland tours for Birthright extenders. He takes them right in to the land of the Bible to see Hebron, Itamar and Elon Moreh. Young people from the Jerusalem Heritage House take part in renovating Jewish homes in neighborhoods throughout Eastern Jerusalem in The Old City and the Yemenite Village. This experience surely has a huge impact on their connection to their roots and to the destiny of the Jewish people. Rabbi Ben packer will be a guest on Today Show tune in to hear more.

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Photo credits: David Ha’ivri, Ari Soffer, Ben Packer and Mike Cohen

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