Photo Credit: David Ha'ivri + Tzvi Zucker

Summing up a very busy week for Israel. Following a very impressive visit for Prime Minister Netanyahu in India he returns to Israel to receive and host an historic visit by US Vice President Mike Pence.

On today’s show David will be reviewing the highs of VP Pence’s speech at Israel’s Knesset but also responding to lows of that speech and statements that were made by the VP while in Jordan.


David will be speaking with hosts of the Holy Madness podcast who discuss Torah study and spirituality. Exciting to hear how new podcasters develop new platforms for Teaching Torah from Zion to the world and for exchange of questions and answers on these topics via available social media platforms.

Getting back to historic visit of American VP Mike Pence, David will be speaking with Avraham Herzlich, the Jewish Shepherd, who is also a victim of Arab terror. Avraham will share his thoughts on the VP’s speech and his disappointment on hearing Pence continue to refer to the two state solution as something that should be pursued.

Check for information on scheduling a visit to Avraham’s goat farm.

A Hebrew in the Heartland 23Jan2018 – PODCAST