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Rod Reuven Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview Ken Timmerman, veteran Iran watcher and New York Times best-selling author fresh back from Tbilisi, Georgia with a tale of Iran’s Islamic Regime brutality and deception. Timmerman reveals in this interview the latest attempt by Iran to cover up the Islamic Regime’s 9/11 Al Qaeda links. The Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Gakharia admitted on national television that, when he was Interior Minister, he launched in February 2018 a sting operation, at the request of Iran, against Iran Intelligence defector Alireza Soleimanpak. Soleimanpak provided an ‘Earth shattering” affidavit in the US Federal Court 2011 9/11 on Al Qaeda Iran links. Soleimanpak revealed “direct contact between Iran and Al Qaeda; and act of state-sponsored terrorism”. Timmerman cited recent Iranian terror operations by Iran against defectors foiled in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. Soleimanpak left Germany in 2018 where he had lived since 2002, trying to free his brother imprisoned in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran. He was motivated to free his brother on a prison furlough following the imprisonment, torture and death after release of Soleimanpak’s sister in 2016. Soleimanpak was arrested in 2018 imprisoned and tortured by Georgian internal security personnel under trumped up charges that he was planning to murder two Iranians. The Iranian Ambassador in Georgia wrote a letter offering Soleimanpak with an offer of $5 million and a Georgian passport if the latter would recant his testimony in the 9/11 Links case. Soleimanipak refused. Soleimanpak’s brother was subsequently murdered by Iranian security personnel. Timmerman notes that Soleimanpak has been detained for 18 months, seven of which were in solitary confinement. Most recently, he has been on a hunger strike. Timmerman considers Moscow educated Georgian PM Gakharia, an Iran “stooge”. Timmerman was the lead investigator for plaintiffs in the 2011 New York Southern District Federal Court landmark “9/11-Iran links” case: Fiona Havlish et al., v. Sheik Usamah bin-Muhammad bin-Laden et al. The case was brought on behalf of Ms. Havlish’s husband who was lost on the 101st floor of a World Trade Center tower on September 11, 2001. Other 9/11 victims’ surviving families and loved ones were included as co-plaintiffs. The New York Southern District Federal Court judge in the 9/11-Links case handed down upwards of $10 billion in two awards made to the certified class of 9/11 claimants in 2012 and 2015. In May 2018, a default judgment was entered by the New York Federal Court Judge in the Havlish et. al. case under a 2016 Supreme Court ruling against Iran which was not contested. The total of court awards is more than $10 billion. Both the Kenneth Timmerman evidentiary affidavits filed in Havlish New York Federal court trial and the Bin Laden files released in November 2017 by then CIA Director Mike Pompeo, now Secretary of State, attest to the extensive links between Tehran and the perpetrators of 9/11. According to Timmerman Soleimanpak’s 9/11 Links affidavit showed that Iran gave direct material assistance to the 9/11 Saudi perpetrators. Iran provided the simulator for on training of the 9/11 perpetrators on Boeing 747, 757, 767 aircraft. Timmerman noted that the 9/11 Commission did not report about Iran Boeing aircraft simulator training for Al Qaeda perpetrators who received flight training on small aircraft in the US. Soleimanpak’s affidavit revealed a visit by Sa’ad bin Laden in January 2001. Al Qaeda Number 2 Ayman al- Zawahiri met with Ayatollah Khamenei in May 2001 in Tehran. Soleimanipak defected in July 2001. In his meeting with the CIA station chief and translator in Baku, Azerbaijan, Soleimani revealed there was going to be a major attack in the US using aircraft as bombs. Further that no Iranians were involved in the attack. The 9/11 perpetrators were all Sunni Jihadi; 15 from Saudi Arabia, the balance from Yemen and Egypt. Soleimanpak’s warning on July 26th to the CIA team in Baku was the attack would occur on 20th of Shahan Shahi, which was misread by the CIA translator as the 10th of September, when in fact it was 9/11. His warning wasn’t heeded. 3,000 lives were lost in the Al Qaeda jihadi attacks on the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan, the Pentagon and southwestern Pennsylvania. Timmerman argues that Soleimanpak “was framed – not given a fair trial with no evidence presented”. He noted that the Republic of Georgia has both the strategic interest of the US and the West. It has applied for entry to the EU and NATO. Notwithstanding, as evidenced by the Soleimanpak case, the country needs to reform under the rubric of the rule of law. Timmerman has reached out to both the US State Department and the US House “Georgia Caucus” co-chaired by Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Gerry Connolly (D-VA). Timmerman noted, Germany provided dual use equipment to both Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Iran. One contemporary example is Siemens supplying equipment to the Mlard Tower in Tehran capable of intercepting wireless email and text messages by protesting Iranian dissidents. Timmerman noted that the late Soviet tyrant, Joseph Stalin was a Georgian. Despite that Georgia has a museum on Stalin’s atrocities. Timmerman drew attention to the history Russia’s Putin seizing both Abkhazia and South Ossetia amounting to 20 percent of Georgia during the 2008 war.

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