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“The essence of peace is to merge two opposites. Therefore your notions should not scare you if you see another, who absolutely opposes you, and you presume that there is no chance for peace between you two. On the same token when you see two individuals who are exactly two opposites, never say it would be impossible for them to reconcile. On the contrary, and this is the perfection of peace to make it between two opposites.”

—Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


Achieving peace between disparate world views has been a struggle since time immemorial. The more different one sees the world from another, it would seem that achieving peace would be all the more difficult. Yet, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov says that the essence of peace is merging two opposites. How can this be achieved?

Listen to Rabbi David Aaron and Leora Mandel to learn How To Find Lasting Peace In Our Lives.

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