Photo Credit: Pixabay

Why are Jerusalemites gearing up for a traffic nightmare? Because this week, 26 presidents, 4 kings and 4 prime ministers are expected to visit Jerusalem for the “International Holocaust Forum”, the largest international event held in Israel. Streets will be closed, parking will be a nightmare, and cars and public transport will need to be re-routed for security reasons in the capital city. Some of the dignitaries expected to arrive are; Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, the Swedish, Danish, and
Czech Prime Ministers (among many others from European countries), the King of the Netherlands, the King of Spain, and the King of Belgium. Even Prince Charles from the UK and U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi are expected to arrive for the event. Find out what they will they do, and where the event will take place in Jerusalem.

Also, were the devastating fires in Australia caused by climate change, or was it arson? International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, Barry Shaw, ( & ) tells us about both issues, and lays out the facts in each story for us to better understand what exactly is taking place.


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