Photo Credit: Rabbi-Yitzchok-Dovid-Smith

Questions fly like bullets in this interview arguing whether the *’coronavirus restrictions’ that governments have put on their populations are justified or not.

Tamar speaks with Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith, from , a lawyer, an expert on constitutional law, and someone who has studied molecular biology, virology and infectious diseases at the University of California at Berkeley. Recently, videos of his focusing on the coronavirus and the government’s handling of it have been going viral. His stance is that public health officials are bullying its population by deciding who is essential, who is allowed to work and make a living, who has to be on lockdown, if people can pray in their place of worship, and even deciding who can go and buy food, and who can visit their family members who are in the hospital, of which many patients died alone. On this show, we try to bring in both sides of the argument regarding lockdowns and restrictions, and about some of the rights that are being taken away from people in the name of keeping us safe. *ATTENTION: We urge you to speak with your own medical professional before taking any steps that could affect your health or put you in violation of your government’s guidelines and restrictions. We present you with this discussion to inform you of both sides of the issue, in an entertainment capacity only.


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