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Israel may be going into another lock down as the second wave of corona hits. Why is this happening again on a spiritual level, and what do we need to do to fix that needs fixing? Transformation Coach and Educator, Rivka Malka Pearlman, joins Tamar Yonah and talks about our connection to G-d, and how to fix what might be broken in our lives. You can find Rivka Malka on youtube or at her website at: + For a very limited time, get a huge discount and reserve your place in her new ‘School of Coaching and Transformation’ here:

Also, what does China and Iran have in common? A new military deal between both countries is in the making, and this can’t be good news for the Free World countries. Also, will King Abdullah from Jordan fall, and will the country of Jordan become a new State or Palestine? Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, author of the book: Muslim Winter joins Tamar and fills you in on what is happening in the news.


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