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You’re born.
You die.
You come back?

The concept of RE-INCARNATION according to Jewish sources. Learn the Inner meaning and secrets, as well as how it pertains to our deepest selves – OUR OWN SOULS.
Why is reincarnation necessary? Can a person remember who they were in a past life? How does reincarnation affect your current life?

Twelve years ago, Rabbi Pinchas Winston founded and created . It was to act as a means to share the depth and beauty of Judaism, especially from Torah sources to which many around the world have little or no access.
It is ancient,yet timeless wisdom, and crucial for living a productive and meaningful life.


Rabbi Pinchas Winston has written several books on spirituality, kabalah/Jewish Mysticism, with a special emphasis on the Messianic era and the END of Days.
Rabbi Pinchas Winston’s course ‘The Kabbalistic Understanding of Reincarnation’ can be found here:

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