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Imagine this:
The Messiah has come, and he has revealed himself to the world. What will he actually do?

Will everyone accept him?
Will we have a resurrection of the dead?
Will the Lion really lie down with the Lamb?
Will humankind become vegetarians?


What about those who have died before us, will we see them again?
If we do come back to life, those who have died, which life do we come back as if there is re-incarnation?

What about the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?

Will mankind really have a world of peace and prosperity, with no wars?

Will people be born handicapped? Will there be sickness and death in the messianic era?

Will people DIE anymore? If we have eternal life, what will we do with all that time?

These are just some of the questions that Tamar presents to her guest, Rabbi Mendel Kessin, from

This is a MUST LISTEN show and one you will want to share widely.

The Tamar Yonah Show 19June2017 – PODCAST



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