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Far less than 1% die from the coronavirus. So why the paranoia?
It is widely agreed that the covid-19 virus is extremely contagious and people can, and have, died from contracting it. It is also a fact that most people survive covid-19 and don’t usually suffer any long-lasting effects. Now that we know more about this virus, who is most effected, and why, perhaps we can stop panicking and end the lockdowns. More and more doctors around the world are stating that they have seen huge success treating coronavirus patients with over the counter products combined with specific vitamins and minerals.
Meet Dr. Vladmir (Ze’ev) Zelenko, a Board Certified Family Physician who has come out with the ‘Zelenko Protocol’ on what to take to help prevent getting the coronavirus, and what to take if one has already been infected. Dr. Zelenko has been censored and silenced on different platforms, but he is speaking out and it would be wise, if not life-saving to listen, and then make up your own mind. NOTE: Because each person has different dispositions and health needs , you MUST speak with your own health care professional before deciding on any treatment. Visit Dr. Zelenko’s new website at:


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