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The Dynamic Duo are fighting again on everything from Trump to cheesecake. Listen in for laughs and information on life in Israel and elections in the USA!



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  1. It doesn't matter. Israel will flourish either way. Nobody could possibly be worse than Obama and yet Israel is as always blessed and subdues the entire 22 middle east countries and beyond. A good or a bad king is from God, it won't affect Israel one way or the other..only the jews and their behavior can do that.

  2. Too bad they were unaware Trump answered how he'd get Mexico to pay for the big wall.
    These were just a few ideas that he wrote in a memo and about which he's spoken.
    1) Unless they do, he'd stop the billions flowing to Mexico from expats. Mexico makes more from that than they do from oil.
    Our banks, under The Patriot Act, would be made to show who their customers are sending money to Mexico. I think it's 24 billion a year, plenty and much more than it takes to build the big wall.
    2) He'd cancel Visas
    3) He'd raise tariffs
    4) Higher fees for border crossing cards

    His spokesman mentioned further, in a video I saw, that NAFTA could be reversed to an extent, without a tariff raise, and demand Mexico take away the nationalization of American oil companies operating there.

  3. Tovia continues peddling his complete dangerous nonsense about how most Muslims are harmless little fuzzballs. 72% of his so-called moderate Indonesian Muslim population supports Sharia. Put that in your damn pipe, Tovia, you moron, and smoke it.
    Abraham, Tovia? Muslims come from all over the world, not just from Abraham, for God's sake.
    Your comparison, by the way, of the proportion of evil Muslims to other groups anywhere is evil. You're spreading a dangerous, dangerous lie. Only Islam calls for an open-ended war to make the entire world one Islamic nation, God-forbid,
    Here are a few things about Islam to consider,
    Peace & Tolerance abrogated,
    Perfectly Legal Jihad,

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