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Is Israel: A light unto the nations following the path of Righteousness?
Why: Our government is a Joke. The absence of collective Cabinet responsibility leads to contradictory ministerial actions and strife between Ministers. The world exploits this weekness.
Problems: At the Western Wall. The old claims of the progressive element against the orthodox administration have again become acute.
Al About:The conflict between the State (particularly in the US), and parenthood.
Hear: About today’s detrimental lifestyle. How the lack of morality and ethics by our leaders and their unbecoming language influence our youth.
Biden’s Chutzpah: How the US expects to be consulted before Israel takes security measures to protect the nation against Palestinian Arab covert aggression.
More Evidence: Of how Israel’s Supreme Court’s bias hurt’s the Jewish people.
A Report: On the nation’s Covid health and who cannot give blood.
Plus: The UN Human Rights Organisations focus on Israel to shield their own abuses.

And: More


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