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Hear: Walter’s account of the background and cause of the horrendous Nazi pogrom during the night from the 9th to the 10th November 1938, that is recognised as the beginning of the Holocaust.

The: Gateway to Jerusalem is how the Tower of David Citadel describes itself. It is at present undergoing a total renewal of its courtyards and exhibition areas to facilitate easy access. Entrance will be from a new pavilion on the west side of its walls. There is a report of the progress.


As: Finally travel restrictions to and from Israel are being relaxed, the Programme’s travel advisor discusses the implications, Israeli’s favoured destinations and required documentation. Also, the hotel situation in Israel. Invaluable information for the prospective visitor as well as for Israelis intending to travel abroad.

Also: Why our unsustainable government must and will fall. The alternative is that coalition partner Mansour Abbas and his Arab Party will dictate Israel’s policy.

And: Is climate change really such a priority for little Israel that we sent 140 delegates to the Glasgow conference, when China is 437 times larger than Israel and is the world’s largest polluter and still builds coal mines? Why did Naftali Bennett attend when neither Xi Jinping of China nor Vlatimir Putin of Russia did? Just a photo opportunity!

Plus: US Democrats ponder the ominous signs for the Midterm elections.

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