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The Outrageous: Insulting action by Tel Aviv’s Mayor who seems ignorant of the distinction between humanitarian help and honouring an enemy.

Shurat Hadin: Israel’s foremost legal NGO explains in detail the background to the Beirut explosion.


Turmoil: In America. How the House of Representatives has replaced the primacy of dialogue with self-promoting monologue.

Joe Biden: Under wraps and following the advice of Abraham Lincoln: ”Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

The Irish example: Can we convince the Palestinian Arabs that it is better to live for one’s ideals, than to die for them?

The fear of China: Can we deal with their electronic superiority and plan to dominate the world’s infrastructure projects?

Warped Democracy: Time to clip the wings of the High Court. Defrauding Voters.

The Mystery: Of the open borders for Palestinian Arabs.

The schools Dilemma: Health or economy?

Covid 19: Where do we go from here?

And More.


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