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The Queen: A story of counsel and quiet influence. How her subjects forgot their troubles, let their hair down and celebrated for four days.

Almost: Overshadowed – the historic 6th of June, when in 1944 156,000 Allied troops landed on the beeches of Normandy in the largest wartime amphibious operation in history, that signalled the end of Hitler’s dream to dominate the world.


The Swedes: On June 6th Sweden celebrated their National Day. During the month, the Swedish Ambassador to Israel also opened an exhibition about Sweden’s 70 years of diplomatic presence in Israel.

Hear: A revealing interview with the Ambassador in which he discussed the reasons for Sweden’s decision to break their historic ‘neutrality’ and apply for membership of NATO.

Also an Absolute Must: To hear his explanation, when challenged about his countries aid to the Nazi war effort during World War II.

When: The end was near, Sweden’s policy also changed, and they made a commendable humanitarian effort to rescue Jews.

Israel: Stands once again at a political crossroad with its government in turmoil, elections probable and the left wing in decline. The true right wing, represented by the influential Sovereignty movement is in ascendance. Hear how they see the future.

Our Prime Minister’s: Obsession with power leads to irrevocable damage to the structure of our country, UNLESS we rise up and demand their resignation.

Plus: All about the incessant arrivals in Israel of foreign statesmen and women hoping to go down in history as peacemakers between the fake ‘Palestinians’ and the Jewish owners of this land.

And: More


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