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Hear: About my shock when I read the treacherous words of the caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid, how he panicked to get votes, and how he grovelled to the Arabs to get theirs. And how he brought the sleeping Arab/Israeli conflict to the forefront of the UN agenda by supporting it during his speech to the United Nations Assembly.

Another: Appeal to vote tactically with your head not your heart to get the government we need. We don’t want to waste votes on small parties that get nowhere. Vote for the largest one, Likud. To make sure of a good right-wing majority.


Why: The ridiculous notion of a two-state solution will never work. Presiden Biden who taks of ‘Palestinian’ entitlement needs to learn history. You can hear about that in Walter’s interview with the American Ambassador which is available now on ‘The Walter Bingham File’.

Also: Why Israel’s President Isaak Herzog should not have accepted Biden’s invitation to Washington, He is going next week.

The: Foulmouthed Yair Golan, Knesset member for far-left Meretz party is at it again, calling Netanyahu with unparliamentary language. He also compares some events of antisemitic Europe with Israel.

There: Is once more not unexpected news from the UN Commission of Enquiry into human rights, accusing Israel of war crimes and calling to arrest our leaders.

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