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Get ready for a deeply spiritual and penetrating analysis from Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel into one of the most perplexing questions of our times.

Reports are now surfacing that Europe is systematically covering up the violent crimes Islamic immigrants are committing across the continent.


Only decades ago, these same European governments collaborated with Adolf Hitler and assisted him in deporting six million Jews to Nazi gas chambers.

Today, as they embrace Islam and cover up their crimes, Europeans consistently condemn Israel while seeking to isolate her politically and economically.

Can we glean from the millennia of wisdom and insight to make sense of this today?


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Rabbis Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel are the founder of The Land of & the hosts of “Israel Inspired” radio and TV. - See more at:


  1. Because Europe is still clueless about what they did wrong in the Thirties. Their best guess is that they went to war! So now they decry "militarism." Islam claims "peace" (conquering), and Europe buys that deception because Europe turned their back on God after WWII. The good news has been some American Christians seeking Torah; the bad news that some American churches have been taking big money from Muslim donors. Messiah must be near, people will either be laughing with us, or burning with shame. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Why? Who put the final nails in the coffin to beat the Axis in 1945? Who's muscle was used to help create the Jewish state in 1948?

    It all boils down to one thing and that's " American Influence " This how I know that the " Jews control the world " conspiracy is a crock. If that was true, a pro Islam president, who's influence is destroying Western Europe, would of never got a chance to sit in that chair two times in a row.

  3. Habbakuh states that G-d used a violent nation to deliver judgement on the nations who had abused Israel/Jews.
    We will see this happen today in Europe and in the USA. He is getting the Jews out of these nations and bringing them back to Israel before judgement falls.
    "As they have done, it will be done to them".

  4. The answer is clear: 1500 years of church sponsered villification of Jews, blaming them for the murder of their god.
    The millions of church followers believed this lie and many others which are its ingrained into the psyche of most christians today. Just read the history books.

  5. Rabbis don't know the answer, they may pretend otherwise, but that is meaningless. Mostly Europeans were jealous of Jews in the 19th century: Jews earned money, Jews did not succumb to epidemies like cholera and lintworm. Jews were educated and sophisticated successful in science and business So socialism with its idealos of the French revolution
    was born out of antisemitism and guilt over catholic inquisition

  6. Do not think one second your own president Barack Hussein Obama, the radical-pro islam mole , is totally stranger to what happens since the last eight years the European Union : Look at the facts ; incitment against Israel, the embrace of muslim INVASION , the demise of europe external borders , the lousy attempt to calm Turkey by paying a ransom of 3 billions euros/year until Turkey will be admitted into the european union , are not accidents . Barack Hussein strongly "advised" several times to include Turkey with its 80 millions muslims into Europe; Barack Hussein Obama deliberately activated the so-called " Arab Spring " to demise the pro-western despots ( Khadafi , Mubarak ) and to replace them with anti-western islamists leaders ( either Muslim Brothers in Egypt – Salafist/ISIS/Qaeda in Lybia ) Barack Hussein Obama delibaretely spared Bashar el Assad from US military intervention to increase the syrian civil war instead of stopping it. The immediate result of Obama " neutrality " was the forced migration of million of syrians towards europe. The pitiful surrender of the US+ 5 europeans midgets bowing their heads to the iranian nuclear ambitions is the last nail in the west coffin. Now the instigator of this huge mess is clearly identified in Washington DC , The european leaders ( Merkel no.1) are puppets of Obama, stooges of the current US administration plans of demise of Israel and flooding of europe under muslim invasion. Follow the money of the ONG financing the anti-israel attacks and the welcome of muslim invasion. The Anna Lindh foundation in Sweden, the Soros various political arms , the stupid " jewish-progressives " circles ( JStreet – New Israel Fund ) have clearly recycled the former marxist-soviet propaganda to adapt it in a thirld-world new idiom . Do not look so far to the Esau-Yaakov rivalry , the mechanism of the current demise of the western world is well-oiled by very big money. The very big money has a long term policy , to erase all borders ,to erase all peculiar cultural resistance , to let the cheap manufactured products of their own factories located in the third world to flood the rich countries . This policy is well hidden into thirld-world upgrade when actually it is aimed at the demise (economical-political-cultural ) of the western world , Israel being singled as the no1 target for cultural-religious motive but europe as a western society is no. 2 target. Euroepan leaders are just puppets of Obama .The globalist war is instigated by Obama and the reward are reaped by Soros and its ilk . The cruel irony is the US jews blindness and embrace of Obama , their own hangman. The Judenrat jews of the Vilna gethos behaved the same way as are behaving the jews voting for Clinton-Saunders-Obama , frozen in fear , hoping to be spared from the current globalist-islamist attacks as their forebears hoped they would be spared from the nazis.

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