Photo Credit: Bahazit / YouTube screen grab
Mizrahi and Chassidic vocalists celebrate the holiday, hosted in the sukkah by Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion on Sept. 19, 2021

In a demonstration of unity in the Sukkah of Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, Mizrahi singers together with Chassidic singers sang together the musical classics of Sukkot in an 11-minute celebration of vocal prowess.


Top Mizrahi and Chassidic singers from all genres in Jewish music came to the mayor’s sukkah to sing the holiday favorites.

The singers on the clip include: Moshe Louk, Dudi Kalish, Moshe Klein, Simcha Friedman, Meidad Tassa, Moshe David Weissmandel, Netanel Israel.

“Sukkot is a holiday of joy and unity, and there is nothing more important than a connection between all sectors and streams, in order to express in the most tangible way that we are loving brothers,” the mayor said in a statement.

“Joy and poetry have enormous power in connecting Jews; together, this beautiful and exciting thing expresses the essence of Jerusalem – a connection between Klal and Israel – as befits a city that is united.”

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