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From April 2015.


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  1. This #phony “president” won on being anti war and the first “black” president…. now on his way out….he’s claiming America’s racist and is giving Iran and nuclear weapon capability..??.. He was elected twice….how could that be racist..??.. Pull our troops out and leave the Middle East unprotected and give Iran nukes..??.. That’s #your president Libbys..??.. You voted for equality and peace and you’re getting racial divide and nuclear war..!!.??… How’s that workin’ out for ya..??.. You #Jackass Libbys have done it again..!!..

  2. (above) Published on Apr 30, 2015 The framework agreement announced April 2nd between P5+1 major powers and Iran is being heralded by the Obama Administration as an historic understanding, which if implemented will prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and potentially set the stage for fundamental changes in relations with Iran. Skeptics charge that the deal allowing even limited nuclear enrichment and research leaves too much of Iran’s…..

  3. Now that this terrible deal with Iran has been sealed the world is a most dangerous place. Obama is the most dangerous leader the Western World has ever had as it has given Iran the power to kill far more people than Hitler did. I fear for the future of my granddaughters! I am sure my sentiment is shared by many Westerners.

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