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It’s stories like this that make one lose faith in the police and legal system.

(Video in Hebrew, but the attack is understandable in any language).


While sitting at a red light in Bnei Brak, an Israeli driver was pulled over by the police for talking on a phone.

The policeman then gave the driver a ticket for talking on the phone, and in the process, a second ticket for “interfering with a police officer”. When the driver asked why, the police responded with “Because”.

After the driver took the two tickets and went to return to his car, the policeman then sprayed the driver with pepper spray. The policeman drove off, telling 2 other parking police who were there that “they saw nothing, and to go away”. You can see them in the video walking away.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital by some people who passed by. Other pedestrians can be heard discussing how the policeman attacked him and then ran away.

You would think this driver was lucky that witnesses managed to video the entire assault by the policeman.

But no such luck.

For 4 months, the police investigative unit never investigated the event.

The driver then found out they cancelled his license because he missed his court date for “interfering with a policeman”. He missed it because he lost the ticket when the policeman attacked him.

The driver went to court to try to fight it, but the court refused to accept the video as evidence.

Is it any wonder that the average Israeli has no faith in the police or court system?


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