Photo Credit: Channel 10 Screenshot
A counter-terrorist exercise inside a Rami Levy supermarket.

The IDF ran an amazing counter-terrorist drill inside a branch of the Rami Levy supermarket, in the city of Ariel on Monday night. Channel 10’s Or Heller was there and filmed the drill.

In the exercise, terrorists take over the supermarket and take hostages. An IDF counter-terrorist team, from the Shimshon Battalion (Kfir Infantry Brigade), goes in and saves the day (for the survivors of the initial attack).


Major Edan Meulam explained that the purpose of this exercise is for the army to confront the terror, and for citizens to know they can securely continue life as usual.

Rami Levy, the owner of the supermarket chain, said that, “after this training, every [Rami Levy] branch in Israel is prepared for all scenarios.”

There have been a couple of terror attacks inside and near Rami Levy supermarkets over the past few years.