Photo Credit: Nati Shohat / Flash 90
Israeli Border Guard officer at Damascus Gate

An Arab terrorist, 20, on Friday morning stabbed a Border Guard officer at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, wounding him lightly. Police at the site shot at the terrorist.

Police fire also hit and wounded a female Arab pedestrian nearby.


Border Guard forces arrived at the site and treated the wounded, then evacuated them to Shaare Zedek Medical Center for continued treatment.

Overnight there were several cases of Arab riots, in one of which, at Jalazun village in Binyamin, an IDF soldier was wounded.


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  1. Since the Arab world cannnot countenance the possibility that the G-d of Israel is alive in and amongst the Children of Israel … they are left with two possibilities:
    Either the God of Islam is unable to power them to success – due to faulty instructions, miscommunication, or deliberate intention to lead the Arab world into confusion…

    Or the Arab boys and men have been cowards, shameful cowards, or cowards led by cowards when it came to war against Israel. They can call it The Nakba as if evil fortune overtook them but Bernadotte's report to the Security Council reports 172,000 Arabs fled the country as the battle flashed through Jaffa and Haifa. It was panic, not forced deportation, not massacre, Israel's representative to Bernadotte's ICRC convention objected as the Lebanese representative took permission to speak. The Count cut him off as he protested to setting up humanitarian aid to Arabs and not including humanitarian aid to Jewish civilians who had been cut off from food and water in the siege of Jerusalem and were refugees elsewhere.

    Cowardice. Now the 12 year-old boys are learning in their religion class to play "Stab the Jew" at Damascus Gate.

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