Photo Credit: Muath Al Khatib / Flash 90
Muslims pray in front of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount compound known to Muslims as al-Haram al-Sharif during Ramadan in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Israel gave permission for 304 Gazans, ages 50 and over, to come to Jerusalem and pray at the Al Aqsa mosque, located on the Jewish Temple Mount.

The Israeli police allowed exactly zero Jews to pray on the Temple Mount this year.


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  1. It is time to either allow everyone to pray on the Temple Mount or to deny it to everyone. Why should a "Democratic" government practice favoritism denying religious rights to all but one group when the site is holy to more than the one allowed? It is time for Israel to assert rights for Jews and to stop bending over backward to appease those who only want to destroy Jews and Israel.

  2. Your secularist Dayan gave it to them, like it was nothing worthy of consideration. He hoped to secure the Nation, because he had no real faith in Hashem; but all he did, was to give up the entire future and prupose of Israel; he handed it unto the Canaanites…So, suck it up.

    Is this any different than the taking a Midianite woman and her household idols into your tent, and pledging marriage to them all? Phineas would be justified, even unto today, in running his spear right up your backside.

    It is simple…Without the Temple Mount, there is no real Israel, no real return. A body without a heart? No lifeblood flows thorough it. A head without a brain? No pure thought can enter it.

    Must you wait for Mashiach? For Mashiach lingers in the shadows, until the Temple Mount itself is cleansed, before his return.

    Once the Glory of Hashem shines again upon the Temple Mount, then the horn of Mashiach will manifest; the oil will be found upon his face; and the New Adam will feel free to come up.

    But not a moment before.

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