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Arafat, Goebbels and Abbas.

Mahmoud Abbas has outdone himself for slander and disgust by charging that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “uses the propaganda tactics of Goebbels to convince the world that the Palestinian Authority is the reason for the freeze in the diplomatic process.”

The Palestinian Authority chairman lashed out at Netanyahu and compared him with the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels in comments he made on Palestinian Authority deletion. He said:

Netanyahu acts like Goebbels and lies, lies and lies…. There is no chance of any results of talks with this right-wing government.”


Abbas was responding to the Prime Minister’s speech this week at the annual Herzliya Conference, where he said:

I have been trying to speak with Mahmoud Abbas for six and a half years…. I froze construction for nearly a year, ten months. In the tenth month, he agreed to come. We met for three hours in Sharm el-Sheikh and three hours on Balfour Street in Jerusalem. He had one demand – another freeze….Six hours.

So I again call on President Abbas to return to negotiations without preconditions. But I also know he has very little reason to talk. Why should he talk? He can get by without talking. He can get by with an international community that blames Israel for not having talks. In other words, the Palestinians run from the table…from Prime Minister Barak…from Olmert… from, before that, from Sharon. And they ran away from me. When John Kerry proposed a framework for negotiations, the framework for a disagreement, for God’s sake, they ran away from that too….

Abbas did not try to counter the facts as told by Netanyahu.

Instead, he continued to disgrace himself for the foreign media who are finding it difficult to maintain their support for the “peace process.’


It bears repeating that the Palestinian Authority talks about “two states” while using a map of the one state of “Palestine,” in place of all of Israel, in schools, television programs and official meetings.

It bears repeating that the Palestinian Authority says it is combating terror while it praises and honors terrorists whom it calls “martyrs.”

It bears repeating that the Abbas accuses Israel of “apartheid” and has repeatedly said that no Jew will be allowed to live under Palestinian Authority rule.

It bears repeating that Palestinian Authority has emasculated the Oslo Accords that call for negotiations with Israel on “final borders.”



  1. If it weren't so sad it would be funny, that this man and his Authority blame Israel for all of their problems, take no responsibility for their circumstances, focus their resources (provided by others) on hate and war, and the Western world fails to recognize the palestinians bear much of the responsibility for no peace with Israel.

  2. It is sad that the ask called leaders of the world cannot admit the the real Nazis of today are the p.a. just as Hitler "negotiated" truces and treaties only to break them at his convenience, so to the PA. Just as Hitler blamed Ali the world problems in the Jews so too the PA.
    History does repeat itself. The world refuses to act against these evil people for fear that it might get worse. Same as they did in the 1930's. Well it did get worse and by the time the Nazis were on the doorstep of Britain and France it was almost too late. Look at France and england today with the Muslim fanatics. The u.s.a. is next. Obama for sure is no churchill or Roosevelt. At least they woke up.

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