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European Union Council President Donald Tusk, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas retracted the lie he told to the EU on Thursday, where he claimed Rabbis gave orders to poison Arab wells.

The libel was reminiscent of the Middle Ages libel of Jews poisoning the wells and of Suha Arafat claiming Jews poisoned the air, and Arafat claiming Jews shot uranium tipped bullets at Arabs.


The difference was this time Abbas was quickly called out on his lie and found himself in a position where he was forced to retract.

Abbas’s office released the statement, “After it was clarified that the alleged statement attributed to a rabbi regarding poisoning wells was unfounded, the Palestinian president stresses that he did not intend to harm Judaism or the Jewish people, in accordance with the deep respect he feels for all religions, including Judaism.”

We’re sure everyone believes that statement coming from the man who’s PhD dissertation was Holocaust denial.


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  1. Abbas is and always be an anti semite,thief,low life and an idiot,like the previous terrorist,Arafat. These people don't want and will never make peace with Israel.If they make peace the money will stop and they won't have $50 million in their children's accounts all over europe.

  2. Next, he will be saying Jews are responsible for Global Warming in addition to the sad world economy ! And any other fairytales the EU enjoys listening to! Hitler had ignorant Europeans believing Jews were the cause of their hard economic times & any other stories Europe would buy. Jews! Always the scapegoat! Abbas could be wearing a Hitler mask & Europe would never notice…. including Secretary of State John Kerry who minimizes the loss of Jews in the Holocaust and married to the antisemetic Theresa Heinz & Heinz family and their Iranian American son-in-law with strong ties to Iran.
    Abbas stating the ridiculous is nothing new to Europe! They seem to eat it up!

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