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Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Labor MK Hillik Bar (R) met in Ramallah with 200 Israeli students, February 16, 2014. Abbas appeared and sounded like a man of peace, but his recall of history was elastic and creative, relating a narrative invented by the PLO and trumpeted by Israeli and foreign media. It was a sales pitch that attempted to win all the Yasser Arafat fundamental demands, but with a smiling offensive, reminiscent of President Rouhani, that other humanitarian. Alas, this kind of stuff will work well in the West.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday told 200 Israeli students who visited him in Ramallah that a peace treaty does not require dividing Jerusalem, but instead turning it into an open, borderless city.

“We don’t need to erect walls and barriers,” he said, proposing instead a Palestinian municipal authority in east Jerusalem and an Israeli one in the western part of the city.


“We will recognize the right of the Jews to pray at the Western Wall, and the right of the Christians to pray in the church, he said. But then he added, “We will never agree to dividing control over the Al Aksa mosque,” meaning Temple Mount.

In his familiar elastic treatment of history, Chairman Abbas lectured his guests: “Jerusalem used to be Palestinian, then the war happened and the cease-fire, and Jordan arrived and took responsibility over Jerusalem and the entire West Bank, in order to give it back eventually to its indigenous nation.”

Of course, Jerusalem was never “Palestinian” because there were no “Palestinians” on the Planet before they were invented around the time the Jordanian Kingdom was invented, 1921, give or take a year. And as to the supposed plans of Jordan to “eventually” hand over Jerusalem to anybody, the only thing missing there are any references to that effect in any document outside Mr. Abbas’s feverish mind.

Still, the chairman received some applause when he told the Jewish kids, “You’re telling us Jerusalem isn’t Palestinian, I tell you, if not to us, hand it over to Jordan.”

Abbas said the Palestinians have already made painful concessions by agreeing to the principle of land swaps as part of the two state solution.

When asked if he is ready to permit Jewish presence inside the future Palestinian state, like Palestinians who live within Israel, Abbas said there was no room for comparison: “The Palestinians had been in Israel since before the creation of the state. The settlers only arrived here in recent years. First give me the 1967 borders of the Palestinian state, and later we’ll discuss the rest of the details.”

Of course, the settlers did arrive on the land before the establishment of a Palestinian state, so it’s not clear whether Abbas was using physical time or spiritual time in his response.

Abbas accused the Israeli side of making up the demand for recognition as a Jewish state just to sabotage the negotiations. He noted that no one asked Egypt or Jordan to recognize Israel as a Jewish state as a prerequisite for a treaty. He said Israel should approach the UN if it needs such confirmation, it’s not up to him.

Except that, when taken against 150 years of anti-Jewish Arab propaganda in which many gallons of ink were spilled to describe Israel as a cancer in the flesh of the great Arab nation, and is destined to be flushed into the sea, Israel is well within its rights to receive official confirmation that those sentiments no longer fuel its neighbor’s mainstream culture.

The meeting between the Israeli students and the chairman was organized by Labor MK Yehiel (Hilik) Bar, who chairs the Knesset Lobby for the Promotion of a Solution for the Israeli-Arab Conflict.




  2. Psalms Chapter 83 תְּהִלִּים
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  3. Jerusalem has no significance in Islam apart from the Dome being built on the Temple Mount. According to Islam, Muhammad ascended to heaven from that spot specifically because it was the site if the Hebrew Temple. No one is requiring the Dome be torn down, or that Muslims not be allowed to visit it any more than Christians should be forbidden from visiting Bethlehem. The fact that there are non-Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem does not justify dividing the city, which has been held sacred since ancient times to the Jewish people, among peoples of other religions.

  4. HE has done “painful concessions”…of what? Of land that has always been Israeli, attacking and killing defenseless civilians? Now he wants co-ownership of a seven-time Jewish city and this S.O.B. wants that because it is another step to the destruction of Israel and Judaism. what they have ben unable to since 1948 via open war, they want to do it surreptitiously, like good Arab merchants they are. What this idiot and his accomplices (including among the latter the UN, with its hypocrisy and all the countries that slowly, but surely, are reversing to avert Antijudaism) are going to accomplish is a new war, the final one, where Israel will detonate atomic weapons erasing the whole Meditarranean and, eventually, the whole planet. Too bad it is also going to bring with it the destruction of plants and animals, because we, humans, deserve complete obliteration.

  5. He's so full of it! The Temple Mount, even though it's under the control of Muslims STILL belongs to Israel! The Israeli government allowed them to retain control of it because of the Mosques built there instead of tearing it down like they should have done. God clearly instructed the Israelites to tear down the idols and their places of worship. Now they're dealing with this issue on a daily basis.

  6. The only thing that has ever happened to foreign gods in the Bible is that they were all destroyed.. Their temples were thrown down to the ground and burned ..The only GOD I SAW IS THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD ANSWERED THESE FALSE THINGS BY FIRE and they were no more…It is in HIS BOOK.

  7. The temple mount is akin to war booty , that to the victor belongs the spoils. It cannot be handed over as peace, it must be won as an act of war, in that ancient world values system . It is the ancient battle to take the proverbial hill. The hill itself belongs to God. Whoever wants it , must die fighting their way up the hill, win or lose. The world is not ready to decide such a matter, any other way. Thus the outlook is not good. All major wars begin with taking a strategic hill or fort, Jerusalem is the ancient Fortress of Yahweh.

  8. An American style peace plan should be a democratic integration ,
    not segregation., of the two peoples, since the Holy Land is a territory in which the two sovereign powers have
    historical equal rights – both are the descendants of same father, Abraham.
    It should be a Political Federation (Con-dominium ), and the whole territory should be ruled by a federation of a :

    United States of Israel and Palestine –USIP or USPI
    based on two separated independent congresses/governments and Jerusalem a mutual capital,much like the Palestinian President indicated yesterday. Moreover the whole Holy Land should be mutual homeland of both peoples.
    This plan is well known by The White House , and President Obama, the fine details of the plan are spelled out in detail in : PAX Obama:

    Most of the Israelis/Jews would love to live with
    Palestinian Muslimes/ Christians /Druse, like in America , and have an integrated society with a free
    (.Remeber : Segregation Ruled Illegal in U.S. 1954) .
    Ervin Yehuda Kedar(Ph.D.)
    Professor of Geopolitics at UCLA/UC Berkeley/ SUNY Binghamton (retired)
    US National Academy o Sciences Senior Research Associate at NASA, Houston, TX (retired .
    Active Member : NYAS(since 1993) A

  9. They believe their own lies and repeat them so fervently that the liberal anti-Semitic West believes them as well. We cannot give in to these fantasy distortion of history. If there were ever a Palestinian state it is TransJordan; that part of the Mandate stolen by Britain and given to a Saudi shieck in order to prevent a civil war in the Arabian Peninsula.

  10. Yehiel Bar is wrong to take Israeli students to meet the the President of the PLO. Everybody knows that you cannot trust somebody who welcome killers as Heros. Shame on Yehiel. When was it that an Arab, in the name of piece, took arab students to meet with Mr Binyamin Natanyahou?

  11. Co ownership, then full ownership, then ownership of Jews, finally full killership of Jews, then eternal sexualship of virgins. I am sick to hear Israeli students attended and applauded. What is wrong with them. Building a mosque on other religions holy site is demonstrating whatever the religion is now replaced and conquered by Islam. Writing is on the wall for this unclean man.

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