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EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini (l) meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (r) in New York. April 28, 2015.

On the same day that the Speaker of the Iranian Majlis threatened to cease cooperation under the Nuclear Iran Deal should the U.S. or anyone else violate certain conditions, the European Union’s High Representative Federica Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif issued a joint statement calling for a speedy implementation of the Deal.

The statement says:


“Today is Adoption Day of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) related to the Iran nuclear programme. This is another important milestone that brings us a step closer to the beginning of implementation of the JCPOA, to which we are strongly committed. We have respected the timetable set out in the JCPOA, which demonstrates our collective will to stick to its provisions.

Iran will now start the implementation of its nuclear-related commitments with the objective of full and effective completion. The IAEA will make the necessary preparations for the monitoring and verification of these steps.

The EU today adopted the legislative framework for lifting all of its nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions. It will take effect on Implementation Day, simultaneously with the IAEA-verified implementation of agreed nuclear measures by Iran.

The United States is taking action today to cease application of nuclear-related statutory sanctions on Iran effective on Implementation Day when the IAEA has verified implementation of agreed nuclear measures by Iran, as specified in the JCPOA; and is directing all appropriate additional measures be taken to implement the cessation of application of sanctions, including the termination of Executive Orders and the licensing of activities, as specified in the JCPOA.

The Joint Commission foreseen under the JCPOA will now convene for its first meeting at the level of Political Directors on 19 October in Vienna, in order to further advance preparations for implementing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

All sides remain strongly committed to ensuring that implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action can start as soon as possible. To this end, we will make all the necessary preparations.

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia – plus Germany finalized the text of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the JCPOA, over Iran’s nuclear program in the Austrian capital of Vienna on July 14.

Under the JCPOA, limits will be put on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for, among other things, the removal of all economic and financial bans against the Islamic Republic.”

Note that last point? The “removal of all economic and financial bans against the Islamic Republic.” All. That isn’t what Obama and Kerry said, is it? One more “in your face” to the naive negotiators.


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  1. The reason Iran is scary to to the US, Israel and the all the vessel Arab puppet Kingdoms is because it’s a sovereign country that is developing outside the International Usury Banking system and without dependence on the West. For the awareness of readers let me quote some CIA Fact Book and World Bank figures. All the Sheikhdoms and puppet states are under Istimar, colonialism. Iran is not. Iran produces 91% of its pharmaceutical drugs inside Iran by indigenous drug companies. Iran employs 1 million workers in its indigenous car making plants owned by Iranian car makers. Iran is only one of 6 nations that produces vital Industrial Catalysts ingenuously and does not need to buy them. Unlike the Arab puppet leaders when Iranians need cancer or any other treatment, from the leaders to the man on the street they can get world class cancer treatment in Iran thanks to indigenous nuclear technology. Iran also employs 1 million workers in carpet weaving. For the last 6 years running Iran has the largest scientific publications output in the world. Iran has the largest and oldest stock exchange and Central in the Middle East and 96% of TV and cinema content on Iranian media is produced domestically employing local people. Iran also has one of the lowest rates of crime. Iranians are nice and peaceful people. We have have never had any civil war nor ever started any wars against another nation, unlike the rest of the world that act like savage monkeys.
    Keep looking for the truth!

  2. Thank you for taking your time to read my post. I usually don’t like commenting these kind of things to defend my country, because I know the truth. However with this nuclear deal going on, I see a lot of lies being spread about my country and I just got fed up and felt that some truth is needed.

  3. Obama has snubbed Bibi Nethanyahu and the people of Israel for the last time. Watch as WWIII has already started .. Israel with join forces with Russia to fight the terrorists that our POTUS has been aiding and abetting, guilty as hell for Acts of Treason! Most people don’t realize that whenever there’s a destruction of some kind, 9-11, Hurricanes that left our South crippled, Super Storm Sandy that Obama publically announced that he would personally see to it that our govt. would aid, The destructive Cyclones that hit the Philippines, the Tsunami that leveled the Japanese towns/cities, etc. It was Israel who were always the first to ‘rescue’ and ‘rebuild’ said countries. They have to go on national TV to ‘announce’ or proclaim what they did/do .. they are that kind of ‘friends’. But, thanks to Obama, Israel’s military far surpasses that of America, with China in the lead and Russia and Israel close behind. Even India and Pakistan’s military is larger than ours. Obama pissed every leader in the world off .. Russia and China have joined forces should WWIII escalate. We lost our best friends in Israel and broken our kindred spirit ‘friends’ in Russia. While the world are focusing their attention on Iran, Saudi Arabia is really the country to watch.

  4. I have read posts on Facebook by Iranian Jews living in Israel who love to go back and visit Iran. The other Muslim Middle Eastern countries robbed, and evicted their Jewish citizens in 1948 and again the rest in the 70’s. These 950,000 M. E, Jews had to leave everything they owned and the nations their families had lived in for centuries, even thousands of years. They now comprise half the Jewish population in Israel. Jew haters always focus on the European Jewish refugees and ignore what happened to the Jews that had lived among Muslims, especially Arabs, in the Middle East. That video, above, mentions some self hating Jews that hate Israel and the people that found refuge there. There are mental health issues in every group.

  5. also the scam international law of having to sell oil in U$ so they always take a cut of every sale ….. but US (like UK) owes trillions in debt & are lent money by zionists ! Mass media always tries to favour the 1’s that own it rather than tell the truth but luckily more people more often are learning to look at the real information,ty for time & effort here Serena (y) 🙂

  6. I agree with everything you mentioned. Iran will never fall for this scam, that’s why the US sees them as a major threat. The reason why US is in so much debt is because of all the amount of money they spend on their military to fight in the middle east. I just wish that there more people like you who would read/watch news from more reliable and unbiased sources. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  7. yw & I’d like to say there more people than just me (in the western/european world) that don’t just blindly accept the drivel/rubbish put out & spoon fed to most people. The trouble is people are scared to look & then tell what they know because they will get problems for doing so. At the moment numbers are small but as more people become aware then it creates big problems for those in power. I think most people in most countries don’t like or trust their government but it isn’t easy to get it changed. The troubles in europe at the moment may well force big change may be war. Again,nice to hear from you & ty 🙂

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