Photo Credit: Flash 90
Druze from the Golan Heights gather in the village of Majdal Shams holding up signs of support for Assad. (Archive: 2012)

The Jabhat al Nusra Syrian rebel group stated on Saturday that the members of its organization who massacred 20 Druze civilians in Syria’s Idlib region last week will face trial in an Islamic Court, according to the Lebanese TV station, MTV.

Al Nusrah said the killings were a violation of orders and the killers would be punished.


The massacre shocked the international Druze community.

The Al Qaida-affiliated al Nusra group want to portray themselves as the liberators of Syria and a more moderate Islamic alternative than ISIS. They have made it a point of not forcing their Islamic views on areas they captured.

But it may too little, too late, as reports in Arab media indicate that the Druze community have begun organizing, and will be joining Assad’s side in the Syrian civil war.


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  1. Israel can only and should provide humanitarian aid including medical treatment as they have been doing for the wounded in the Syrian conflict and with the same discretion. Tough talk from some commentators is unwarranted as the unceasing conflicts in the region are deliberately staged by unscrupulous leaderships who have corrupted the minds of their hapless masses who are all the sons of Hashem made in his image just like us. Listen to the words of Chief Rabbi Joathan Sacks as I heard on the BBC World Service yesterday, a great man and humanist.

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