Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have arrested suspected members of an al-Qaida-linked terrorist cell that was plotting to carry out operations in the region,.

The WAM news agency reported that security authorities in the United Arab Emirates have arrested a terrorist cell affiliated with Al-Qaeda. All seven people have Arab nationalities.


An official source said that the cell was planning to carry out acts within the UAE affecting the security of the state and the safety of its citizens and residents. It was also planning to recruit people and to promote the work of Al Qaeda, in addition to providing the organization with funds and logistical support to facilitate the extension of their activities to some countries in the region.

The source said that the State Security Prosecution will start investigation of the accused. Once these procedures are completed, they will be brought to trial.

The UAE and other Gulf nations have long been warning that terrorist groups are trying to import the “Arab Spring” to the oil-rich Gulf states.

The UAE is in the process of carrying out a mass trial of 94 suspected coup plotters, who were probably supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.

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