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Obama and Netanyahu

The Obama Administration has apparently decided on its course of action regarding Judea and Samaria until the inauguration of a new president in January: threats and attacks delivered through well placed leaks with the major news outlets, which are intended to foster anxiety in Jerusalem. A case in point is this weekend’s AP story, citing US and other diplomats who say Obama plans to endorse a “tougher tone” against Israel in the upcoming report by the so-called “Quartet” of mediators from the US, the EU, Russia and the UN. Said diplomats have promised that the US will no longer endeavor to temper the language of the report, criticizing settlements construction, demolitions and property seizures. They also promise to place the blame for the impasse in the peace negotiations squarely on Israel.

The report, due in late May or early June, will bear no intrinsic penalties against Israel, an island of violence and unrest in an otherwise peaceful and idyllic Middle East, but the diplomats who leaked the news have told AP it could be used by the UN assembly and “possibly sent to the Security Council for an endorsement.”


It is curious why the Obama White House would want to create yet another problem for the Democratic presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who would be forced to comment on such a report and run the risk of alienating either the left- or right-flank of the party. Is the Obama need for revenge against the Jewish State stronger than his support for his own party’s campaign? Time will tell.

On its face, the AP leak looks more like a taunt than a change in policy, reminiscent of the reference to the comparison by an anonymous Administration official of Netanyahu to chicken droppings in the famous October 2014 Jeffrey Goldberg article. Like that and so many other poisoned arrows, the report will probably enrage Netanyahu and his circle, and will also endorse complaints on the part of the PA, but its influence on policy changes is doubtful. Scores of anti-Israeli, pro-Arab reports cannot change the math of the 20th Knesset nor the precarious balance of Israel’s Labor party under Chairman Itzhak Herzog.

As the AP story put it soberly, “The Quartet, which is supposed to guide the two parties to peace, has been largely irrelevant for the past several years. It was created in 2002 at a low point in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship and in the years since has held sporadic meetings. Most have ended with bland statements condemning violence, criticizing settlements and calling for both sides to improve security and the atmosphere for peace talks. … The new report will repeat those calls, but the diplomats said they hoped the new criticism of Israel, in particular, would jolt the parties into action.”

Not in this Knesset, apparently.


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  1. The White House adopting a "tougher tone" is totally meaningless. President Obama will soon be replaced and gone forever. It depends on who the next president will be. The media and establishment politicians think it will be Clinton unless she is indicted. It may well be Trump instead. The US people are fed up with politicians who answer to a handful of big donors instead of the people.

  2. Obama is a sociopath fitting all the qualifications. His obsession with destroying Israel is getting stronger and stronger as he begins to realize his dream of having no Israel and thus being the saviour of the Muslims, will be over in January.

  3. To be rid of BHO, in January would be wonderful, if there is anything left of our Republic, way of life, and either option says no to returning to that way of life. There is only one way, left to us, in this mortality, and most people don't want to lend an ear, but here it is, anyway, 'Be Right with Messiah, God/Jesus.' ‘Neigh’ if you wish, but that is the only answer, since 'We the People' have allowed an Usurper to lead this, once Great, Nation, down the Primrose Path to destruction, and have done nothing to stop him in mid-stride.
    I presume, 'We the People' elected BHO both times without nefarious interloping being involved (though I believe there was at least some), and we, the People, deserve what we will soon receive, as recompense for our apathy, Slavery (except, of course, the Christian 'Reborn,' who will be Translated/Snatched/Raptured away, with Holy Ghost [he Restrainer], to, should we desire, watch the carnage placed on the population of the world, over the last Seven years, of Daniels Prophecy. Be forewarned!! BUT, don't tarry too long, lest you be Left Behind to suffer through, if possible, that last Seven Years, of Hell on Earth. Pray, Ponder, and Act, one way or the other [non-action equals rejection] Jesus' Sacrifice, to Justify your Sin-Debt, if you only Repent, and Ask Him to do so.

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