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The new baby son of Moria and Meir Ettinger will heretofore be called among the House of Israel Netzach Binyamin, as he was named with those gathered Monday for the brit (circumcision) ceremony ushering him into the Covenant of Abraham. The newborn is the great grandson of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. wishes the parents and the newest male member of the Jewish People a hearty mazel tov.


Read all about today’s court decision in Analysis: Fearful of Kahane’s Mystique, High Court Bars Grandson from Firstborn’s Bris.


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  1. What are the Bolsheviks Pipi Nothinyahoo and Boged Bli-Yaalon afraid of? What rthreat does Meir Ettinger pose to them? The same thig was done to his grandfatehr Rabbi meir Kahane (zt'l, H'yd). I pray that they don't murder him as they did to his uncle Binyamin.

  2. Another descendent of Rabbi Meier Ettinger Kahane for the authorities, so called, to jail without charges…why wait, he is born, circumcised and now naned…the threat to the secular Jewish state is apparebt! A child to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, such a blessing indeed.

  3. BS"D Not merely tragic and sad, but a Shaunda, an absolute Chilul Hashem. This is not a "Naughty" government – this is an "Evil" government that is slaughtering, murdering, kidnapping, raping and attempting to control the very thoughts of Am Yisroel. May HKBH's justice be measured out against our enemies and may Am Yisroel merit Geula Shlema through Rachamim NOW!

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