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Man putting pork on a terrorist's body.

Following a terrorist attack near Kiryat Arba, an angry citizen placed a piece of pork on the terrorist’s body.

According to Islam, they believe they will not go to heaven if their bodies are touching pig.


Warning: Graphic (and sideways)


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  1. Some Jews eat bacon,, but not orthodox,,, but i do think that it is a good idea to put pig oil on the terrorist,, what goes into the stomach does not defile ,what defiles is what comes out of your mouth ,,,but i do respect the dietary laws of individuals,,, i do not eat much pork because i don`t believe that it is a good protein and it is harder to digest than beef,,i prefer chicken and beef and wild Canadian moose or deer,,, but i see nothing wrong with painting pork oil on those who terrorize Jews and Israelis…

  2. Porks are the greatest meat of all. I always enjoy pork thru several cooking ways. THAT MAN has to be back to Jesus, because in Chrisi no way sinful enjoying porks. Maybe mohammed had detested porks. Why he put the muslims ban eating porks. How silly bum he is!

  3. When the Britrish were battling Moslem terrorists in Malaysia, they periodically wrapped prisoners in pig skin prior to hanging them. According to Moslem tardition this would prevent them from entering Paradise. Lo and behold, the incidence of murders by these terrorists dropped. Maybe this strategm plus immediate execution of anyone even attempting to murder an Israeli, could produce the desired effect.

  4. Why have not the U S been using pig blood ariel spaying — it is humane warfare. Women and young girls should carry pig-blood spray with them at all times, and spray/douse themselves when in danger of being raped by cowardly muslim men.

  5. to stop the terrorism….1)stop collect taxes and giving them to Palestinians who then use the millions as salaries and bribes and prizes for hurting and killing jews….2)stop supplying gaze with thousand trucks per day of suppies for ONE week every time a jew is attacked or killed or bomb explodes 3)for evey jew that is killed ONE block of arabs in Israel should be emptied and deported and jews should be brought in to live there 4)every jew that is killed…..FIVE arabs in prison should be executed the same day!!! 5)police should use live ammno and shoot legs of rock throwers 6) violent terrorists (throw rocks assaut push etc)should be deported after their faces are memorized in computers/blood and fingerprints and dna taken and if found in ISRAEL AGAIN….they do 10 years minimum in solitary confinement(they never leave cell and cell has no mirror no phone no computer no cell mate no visitors….they will be BORED !!! and never repeat a crime again!!! and those that hear about them will stop doing crimes to avoid solitary confinement!!! as far as bombers and violent terrorists (have knives/stabbing people/have guns) have bombs they should be shot dead on the spot…. the good thing is that terrorism will start to STOP and the bad thing is that the UN and others will call us DIRTY JEWS……..

  6. I think pork could be one good anti Muslim Terroist weapon………Even more effective would be bombsniffing dogs at every checkpoint. Use the anti-Christ religion's superstitions against them. I actually think pig guts would be particularly appropriate. Douse them with pig guts, then let the dogs loose……..wait…….I don't really mean that…….but it's very difficult not to get angry at the barbarians…….

  7. oh you could give the taxes collected from palestinians to jews whom are hurt maimed killed and their families and to fix buses and trains that are damaged by bombs….and the supplies to GAZA would be stopped and certainly would not be FREE>>>>no more free anything…..charge full price for supplies (at least their cost) and water and electricity and cement….in fact give weak supplies for making buildings like weak wood and plaster board but not strong cement and metal cause they are used for tunnels and rockets and we know that is true… why supply them? FOR FREE YET!!!! NO WAY

  8. and make friends with RUSSIA….so that Israel tells Russia we understand if they want to help Iraq and Syria but please do NOT help IRAN….do NOT let IRAN get the bomb at all ……and Israel can treat for free wounded russians but NOT IRANIANS!!! Israel should say to russian we understand how ukraine and other places want their freedom from Russia but that is NOT our business…..we thus will not help them in any way with weapons nor training but we need RUSSIA not to help IRAN in anyway with fancy weapons or training (we mean for nuclear weapoins/missiles/dangerous weapons…..not cariing about handguns and regular rifles)

  9. oh murderers and terrorists who kill and almost kill and blow up bombs should be executed by being fed to wild hungry pigs and ripped to shreds by pigs and killed…..this will discourage most terrorists but will get us called DIRTY JEWS !!!

  10. General "Black Jack" Pershing:
    So General Pershing captured 50 of the terrorists and had them tied to posts execution style. He then had his men bring in two pigs and slaughter them in front of the, now horrified, terrorists.
    The soldiers then soaked their bullets in pigs blood, and proceeded to execute 49 of the terrorists by firing squad.
    The soldiers then dug a big hole, dumped in the terrorist's bodies and covered them in pig blood, entrails, etc.
    They let the 50th man go. And for about the next 42 years, there was not a single attack by a muslim fanatic anywhere in the world.

  11. I have a news for you – when I lived in Uzbekistan, moderate Muslim country and I has several not so religious Muslim friends, I remember that once they bought pork in local market, came to my another Russian friend, closed all windows and curtains,(for conspiracy?, though it was neighborhood with very few Muslims), cooked the pork by themselves and had eaten it as caviar. Forbidden fruit, you know ?

  12. This has been alleged. Perhaps lard can be addded to the lubricant in cartridge manufacture, and the process disseminated via social media video? Of course, that would be insensitive, and politically incorrect…

    The British requiring Hindus and Muslims to tear paper prwder cartridges with their teeth, which were waterproofed by pig and cow fat, started the ball rolling; they eventually lost India.

    In America, it was once said: "A little lard, goes a long way…"

  13. If the mosque is holy then why are they storing rocks to attack Jewish citizens and Jewish LEOs and Christian tourists just to see the area. Attacking civilians nowhere near the mosque is not defending the mosque but simply islamic terrorism of Jewish hatred.
    Cursed be upon every palestinian terrorist as hell is not hot enough and Eternity is not long enough for these savage parasites of civilization.

  14. As I am not Jewish I eat pig, but I would give up my ham if I could put some pieces of it inside these bastards mouth and after smear them with lard, so they can't meet their 72 "virgins".
    BTW maybe we have found a solution for the "settlments", in my country, Spain, some Saudi Arabian millionaire was willing to buy a land in which an old church had been built long time ago. Some Spanish guys bought some pigs and slit their throat in that land, so their blood soaked the land and buried tiny pieces of pig all around the plot. ….. the Arab guy rejected to buy a piece of land which had been "vilified", 🙂 Maybe you could make a pigs cemetery in some of the settlements, they would give up that land 🙂

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