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These Jerusalem Arab teen terrorist wannabes attempted to carry out an attack at a synagogue on HaRav Reines Street.

Three Arab teen terrorist wannabes intent on a stabbing mission failed at a Jerusalem synagogue when they were stopped Sunday morning in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood, not far from Har Nof.

The incident occurred at the packed Heichal Ya’akov synagogue on HaRav Reines Street, where men praying the morning service.


All three would-be attackers immediately threw away their homemade knives, sharpened into blades from basic items they took from their mothers’ kitchens, including scissors and a spoon handle.

Jerusalem Arab teen terrorists have learned how to sharpen items from their mothers’ kitchens into knives for “jihad” murders of Jews.

But their suspicious behavior had given them away and they were immediately grabbed and taken into custody. The three would-be stabbers were transferred to security personnel for interrogation by investigators.

Attacking Jews during morning prayers in the synagogue is not new for this area of Jerusalem.

On November 18, 2014, two Jerusalem Arab terrorists carried out a massacre at the Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in Har Nof – a Jerusalem neighborhood not far from Kiryat Moshe.

The terrorists attacked worshipers praying the morning service with axes, knives and a gun, killing four dual nationals and a Druze Israeli police officer responding to the scene.

Seven other worshipers were also badly injured, including one who remained in a coma and later died of his wounds nearly a year later.

The two terrorists were shot dead by police.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. Ahuva, I think the context was to show the close proximity to a previous massacre that actually took place. A few months ago police confiscated cleavers and knives from a Har Nof apartment undergoing renovations after being tipped off by a Har Nof resident. The would be attackers later confessed that they had left the knives there and were planning to attack the Imrei Shefer synagogue. I think there is an obvious pattern here.

  2. Cooki Maisel i understand that and it seems that there has been a mild edit since i posted. however the structure of the article focuses more on that event than the current, making the horrible aformentioed tradgedy seem more like filler here

  3. I understand, they missing Love, that's why they act that way, but you don't get Love by force, or violence ! but, simply by be human, nice and respect another person as a G.D creation.
    Their religion do not teach the basic human relashionship ?? Or, sorry, they all up from young age(sad) by who knows who !!! and even it's still not too late to change for good, and find the true Love.

  4. They will print headlines such as "Jews are keeping them for organ transplants".. never have I seen such a race of simpletons as the Swedes, no wonder they are drowning in Muslims and have one of the highest rape figures in the world…. and anyone with a brain would know there was no market for the organs of heathens especially not in the thinking world….

  5. Israel should deport kick out ALL the Palestinians PERIOD!!!
    then there would be one safe wonderful country of Israel left….at the very least Israel should stop and search arabs and Israel should carry tools that sense knives and guns (metal detectors) but NOT advertise it…just quietly do it and when arab found with knives and guns they should go to solitary confinement jail for ten years….no cell mate no visitors never allowed out of cell no phone no computer no weights no college no FUN…..the intense bordom will mean that they will NEVER want to be arrested again and will never do another crime…and their friends and relatives will hear about the bordom of solitary confinement and they will stop doing terrorism too….. terrorists do NOT mind prison since they get to hang out with bad dudes and have fun and learn new tricks…they only stay in cell for 6 hours a night to sleep and hang out with friends for 18 hours a day….sooooo
    we need to fix that….!!! also everytime a jew is murdered or severely hurt…1. execute one Palestinian in jail (or even five or ten) for each jew killed 2.close gaza for one day for each jew killed….and shut water and electric and heat for one day also 3.the house where that terrorist lived should be given away for all time to JEWS ONLY for FREE! Murderers of jews should be creamated and their brain and heart fed to wild pigs. DO ALL THAT and watch how terrorism STOPS!!!

  6. A talith and a gun. Irgounims were swore in with a bible and a gun. Worshippers should be armed and given authority to kill before being killed. What's holding you Bibi? Shamon Peres has armed the terrorists of the piA. Why not Israel citizens who want to save their lives.

  7. I happened to be in Jerusalem during that massacre. Life went on that day…although the massacre happened only blocks away…something the Jews are familiar with…just going on with life…what else can they do ….The Israeli government can stop this…they have to stop this. We can stop funding immediately the Palestenian Authroity (U.S. dollars)…how stupid are we! Europe…you are beginning to see what the Jews have seen from the Muslim population for the past 100 years…and yet your NGO's are in their face…in the face of visitors who support …not working out so well for Europe!

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