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Arabs cheering at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem

Upon hearing of the attack at the Sarona Mall in Tel Aviv, Arabs at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem began breaking out in chants and cheers.

There are reports of celebratory Arab gunfire throughout Judea and Samaria.


Source: Natan Epstein – UncensoredJew


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  1. So sad that they need to celebrate innocent people that were murdered. This world has become a cesspool of evil devils on two legs. Where they say good is evil and evil is good. And the terrorists continue to rule.

  2. Apartheid state of Israel? Yup, apartheid against Jews. Only Arabs could celebrate the slaughter of innocent Jews in a shopping mall and nobody says a peep. Even those Jews who demonstrated on Yom Yerushalayim against Israel & are so "concerned" about human rights. There was more of a fuss over killing the gorilla in the Cincinatti zoo than about dead Jews.

  3. There can be be no co-existence between Israelis and Muslim Arabs – how often has the lesson to be learned. The cheering of Arabs in Jersualem on hearing the news of the Tel Aviv atrocity is ongoing evidence of that fact. The death penalty for terrorism has to be introduced by the State of Israel.

  4. Two murderers killing unarmed innocent women and children are heroes to the leaders of the so called Palestinians. Their followers are celebrating and Obama and Kerry want Israel to make " peace" with these animals, cede Jerusalem and other lands and ensure that Israel's borders become indefensible…………..this will never happen. Israel is strong and its adversaries will never win, notwithstanding Obama and the European appeasers.

  5. Where is the worlds outcry of these visious brutal MURDERS, oh thats right its onlt dead Jews no big deal! Now what would the worlds response be if this had occured in an Non Jewish area and Non Jews were killed, you better believe there would be a huge out cry!

  6. There will be no peace as long as the Quran exists between Muslims and the rest of the world. I believe in free speach and I also believe that there should be an eye for an eye. The relatives of these 2 men and the cheering supporters should be removed from Israel and sent to another country.

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