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This chair, donated in memory of terror victims US-born Dr. Applebaum and his daughter Naava, was stolen from the Kotel by Arabs, who took it to the Temple Mount.

Several of the Arabs who cursed Jews on the Temple Mount Wednesday were sitting on chairs stolen from the Western Wall, where they were donated in memory of an American-Israel doctor and his daughter who were murdered in a terrorist attack 11 years ago.

Police prevented the Jews from trying to take the chairs back to the Western Wall but promised they would make sure the return is carried out. The spokesman for the police told The Jewish Press he is not aware of the incident and although he will try to find out if the chairs were returned, he doubts he will be to succeed, at least not today.


A dedication the back of the chair states, “Donated in memory of Rabbi Dr. David Yaakov HaLevi Applebaum, may God avenge his blood, and his daughter Naava Applebaum, may God avenge her blood, who were murdered in Jerusalem on Elul 3, 5773.”

They were among the victims in the September 9, 2003 suicide bombing at the Café Hillel restaurant in Jerusalem, where the American-born doctor took his daughter for a meal the night before her planned wedding.

The question remains how police allowed the Muslims to bring the chairs to the Temple Mount while they carefully search Jews to make sure they do not bring forbidden objects, such as an Israeli flag or a prayer book.

If you see a brick missing from the Western Wall the Kotel, you know where it was taken.



  1. that is a DISGRACE…they have no morals…nasty creatures with no respect for life or decency…they are devolving into animals…tunnel dwelling rodents in every way…I guess they can’t afford to buy their own chairs…bunch of layabouts

  2. The “secret weapon” is not a secret. It’s called Anti-Semitism. The sad fact is that there are many people who are predisposed to hate Jews. Recent attacks on Jews in various countries proves this. We must point out the incongruence of those who protest against so-called “civilian” casualties in Gaza, yet ignore greater casualties elsewhere. We must also point out how Hamas fakes civilian casualties and intimidates journalists from reporting true events. We must also point out that the other “enemies” of Jihadists are all “unbelievers”.

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