Photo Credit: Avraham Weiss / TPS
Burned holy books from the Synagogue at Givat Sorek near Carmei Tzur.

Once again, Arabs from the Palestinian Authority violated the sanctity of a Jewish house of worship. They burned the holy books with which Jews pray, first taking time to pile them ruthlessly, carelessly, and then setting them alight.

The holy books were burned Friday night in the synagogue in Givat Sorek, adjacent to the Jewish community of Karmei Tzur in Judea, south of Jerusalem, nestled in the Judean Hills.


The site is located on a strategic hill overlooking the location where the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teens were found in 2014. The synagogue itself is a place where people go to meditate and pray; a site visited daily by Jewish children, teens and adults alike. It’s a house of prayer; a youth center; a tour site.

It’s also important to note that the arsonists took the time to pile up the holy books before setting them afire. In Karmei Tzur, the residents have taken this very hard, the Gush Etzion spokesperson sources said.

“It is difficult to come to terms with the fact that in the very heart of the country, something like this takes place, which reminds us of some of the darkest events in our history, not even a hundred meters away,” residents said.

“It is dangerous to allow this to continue,” they said. “It is necessary, and possible, to put an end to this,” they added.

Davidi Perl, head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council, said, “These difficult pictures send chills over one’s entire body. I am sure the survivors of Kristallnacht and the founders of Gush Etzion never dreamt they would see burnt holy books under Israeli rule. The Israeli government must take control over the Arab rampaging that is turning Israeli lives and society upside down.”

Tazpit News Service contributed to this article.


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  1. In reponse to the terrorism, I think 1,000 or 10,000 Israeli-based Muslims should be deported for each incident. There's 2 other countries in Palestine besides Israel, e.g., Jordan and Gaza. So the Muslims would technically still be in Palestine. The Muslims just wouldn't be in the Israeli part. Granted, deportations of Muslims to Jordan may not be easy; but it may cause Muslims to stop this senseless terrorism in the name of Allah. Actually, I think I would just deport the Muslims to Jordan. As I would liberate Gaza & end the terror emanating from there.

  2. Does anyone remember what happened a few years ago when an Evangelical pastor in the US burned a copy of the Kkoran? Muslims all over the world went beserk ,attacking westerners at random, killing and injuring dozens. Will we now see Jews all over the world start attacking Muslims at ranom? Somehow, I don’t think so. Somehow, I am convinced jews are more civilized than fundamentalist Muslims.

  3. I agree with your last sentence. There isn't, and never was a country called Palestine. The Gaza Strip is part of the historical land of the tribe of Judah. Communist politicians who wanted nothing to do with the Torah or Israel's indigenous history brought in foreign Arab terrorist in the early 1990's, and in 2005 handed over 20+ Jewish towns in the Gaza Strip to those terrorists, they say, "for peace". But surprise, surprise, that wasn't the result. It IS time Israel's Land be liberated and the terrorists expelled to one of their 22 Arab homelands or 66 Muslim countries.

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