At around 4:50 PM on Friday there was a stabbing attempt at the Focus checkpoint near Beit El, according to the IDF.

The terrorist has been neutralized. No one was injured.


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  1. The only way this campaign of terror will end is if Isreal responds with more punative measures. Such as:

    Shutting off the water supply to Gaza for 24 hours following each attack.

    Setting up some of the most dangerous terrorists in Israeli prisons and having them killed during the excape attempt.

    Inoder to build the tunnels the diggers need ventilation. The ventilation is powered by electricity provided by Israel. This would justify the Isralies shutting off the electric power to Gaza. The Isralies would be doubly justified because the Arabs refuse to pay their electric bills.

  2. people do not respond to terror attacks on the border check points is because they are a common every day event, And no matter what sugestions you try to give to the gov. they do not listen and further more they do not even recognise that you bothered to respond . IN another words they could not care at all

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