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The Palestinian Authority government is an enthusiastic participant in the BDS economic boycott of Israel.

Anarchists from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement managed on Tuesday to disrupt plans for a meeting planned by Palestinians and Israelis who hope to create a new peace plan.

According to Palestinian sources, BDS activists in Bethlehem opposed the “Two States, One Homeland Initiative,” slated to take place near Bethlehem because it was a form of “normalization.”


The movement threatened to stage protests against the meeting if it is held in Beit Jalla as planned.

“Because of difficulties on the Palestinian street, we have decided in agreement with our Palestinian partners to postpone the Founding Congress of Two States, One Homeland Initiative in Beit Jallah on Thursday, to a more calm period,” said the group in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Organizers have allegedly decided to hold the meeting Thursday in Jerusalem instead, The Jerusalem Post reported.



  1. there are many who have a vested interest in continuing conflict including some on the far left, some on the far right, and a collection of media outlets in their respective corners

    the lonely center only wants two things – peace for all and an end to the animus and hatred

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