Photo Credit: TPS
Car stoned near Beitar - Dec. 3, 2016

Beitar Illit Mayor Meir Rubenstein has called for a mass protest on Thursday at 9 PM against the ongoing Arab terrorism on Road 375, the road between Beitar Illit and Route 60 (the Tunnel Road).

Arabs have been stoning vehicles along the road for weeks, which has resulted in dozens of injuries and damaged vehicles. Residents have dubbed the road, “The Terror Road.”


The protest will be held at the Beitar entrance on Givat Bet, near where many of the terror attacks have occurred.

The army initially tried putting up spotlights along the road to deter the attacks, but the attacks continued.

As reported earlier today, Arab workers were blocked from entering Beitar today, and the army was out in full force checking Arab vehicles and setting up checkpoints.

Another step the residents of Beitar could take is stop into the village of Hussan to do business there. Hussan is the village where most of the attacks are emanating from.

Beitar Illit is an Ultra-Orthodox city in Gush Etzion with a population of around 50,000 people.


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